We praise God that as fall 2021 gets underway, most congregations are returning to in-person Sunday school instruction. NPH wishes to thank the six teachers that made the remote Christ Light program possible during the pandemic: Tanya Gerbing, Kari Hahm, Julia Hatzung, Ali O’Donnell, Melissa Pittenger, and Jennifer Wolfgramm. We are grateful beyond words for their zeal, hard work, and above all their enthusiasm and joy for sharing the love of Jesus.

Given the desire by an overwhelming number of congregations to return to in-person instruction with local teachers, the Year 2 videos have been removed from YouTube. However, a number of the Year 2 lessons have been re-edited to remove their Year 2 references and will remain available for regular seasonal use by any who may desire to do so.

Lower Level Seasonal Lessons

Upper Level Seasonal Lessons