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HymnSoft Player 3.2 is a media player that includes MIDI files of the hymns, liturgies, and psalms (played on both organ and piano) from Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal, Christian Worship: Supplement, and Christian Worship: Occasional Services. In addition to hearing the music, you can also conveniently search and view the text of every piece.

Newly added in version 3.2: Search worship resources by word or phrase using the Text Search window! Play multiple music files continuously or add time gaps as needed using the Auto-Play option. Additionally, Windows users are no longer required to use QuickTime for Windows. Enjoy a more enhanced HymnSoft experience!

Interested in learning more? Watch the interview with former NPH Music and Worship Editor, Carl Nolte, where he goes in depth to explain HymnSoft and the program's features.

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YouTube Screenshots


HymnSoft Player 3.2


M4A Sound recordings


HymnSoft Player 3.2 and M4A Sound Recordings Set


Additional HymnSoft Sound Files

General HymnSoft FAQs

1. What is HymnSoft®?

HymnSoft® is a software program based on Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal (CW, NPH © 1993). The program was created to allow users (especially pastors) to sample the hymns, psalms, and liturgical songs of the new hymnal. It was programmed by Pastor David Arndt and his father, Dallas Arndt, and released in 1994, shortly after the introduction of CW. The program uses a database program, SuperBase, originally owned by Software Publishing Corporation. The original edition was written for PCs with 386 processors and the Windows 3.2 operating system.

2. Are there different editions?

Earlier versions of HymnSoft included both “Home” and “Professional” editions. With the release of HymnSoft 3.0, the program was streamlined into a single product. HymnSoft 3.2 is a player module that includes the ability to view texts (which can be copied and pasted into other print or projection applications) as well as search texts. An optional add-on data DVD is also available, which offers higher quality sound samples via M4A files.

3. What is a “script” in HymnSoft?

A script is a listing of the musical parts of the liturgy, the psalms, and hymns for a service. When scripts are created, the user chooses which elements to add, including how many stanzas of a hymn. When the script is played, the user utilizes the computer to start each musical segment of the service. Hymn stanzas can be set up to play continuously without prompting. A unique feature of the psalms is that the reciting tone can be played as long as needed, and then the user activates the cadence (the final notes of the phrase) and the refrain. Tempos of the script elements can be adjusted while creating or editing the script. External MIDI files and other audio files can also be played in a script. These can include other hymns and parts of the liturgy, as well as service music for organ, piano, or any other audio file.

4. What updates have been made?

HymnSoft has evolved over the years. Most recently, the software has been remade and relaunched as HymnSoft Player 3.2.

5. How do I configure my HymnSoft program for use with an external MIDI device?

One of HymnSoft’s best features is its compatibility with MIDI-ready organs, keyboards, and sound modules. In fact, many pastors and music directors rely on HymnSoft to play worship services through these devices, often in place of an instrumentalist.

This file offers tips on how to configure your HymnSoft program for use with external MIDI devices.

HymnSoft Player 3.2 FAQs

1. When was HymnSoft Player 3.2 released?

NPH released HymnSoft Player 3.0 in October 2013. This version was not an update, but a completely new program with all new MIDI files. The 3.2 upgrade was released in April 2017.

2. What’s new in this current version?

Some of the features include:

  • All musical elements in Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal, Christian Worship: Supplement, and Christian Worship: Occasional Services are available.
  • All MIDI files are in an open format for use in the HymnSoft Player 3.2 as well as other MIDI players (including Windows Media Player, iTunes, Cakewalk, and other stand-alone music programs).
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • M4A sound files provide exceptional playback quality (available as an optional add-on DVD set).
  • All liturgies, psalms, and hymns include introductions and stanzas (as appropriate) with organ and piano sounds.
  • Windows users no longer need QuickTime for Windows, which is no longer supported for Windows by Apple.

4. Does HymnSoft Player 3.2 contain a Planner module?

No. A revision of Planning Christian Worship is available as a PDF and includes materials prepared by the WELS Commission on Worship based on the revised lectionary found in Christian Worship: Supplement (NPH © 2008). See the WELS Resource Center site to download a free version of the PDF.

5. What restrictions are placed on HymnSoft and its files?

In general, the MIDIs and M4As are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or sent to another user without permission of the copyright holders. However, the MIDI files can be opened and edited by the user. Both the MIDI and M4A files may also be copied to the hard drive of a single computer. Additional computers need their own copy of the program and/or the M4A DVDs, unless a site license has been purchased.

6. What are the system requirements for HymnSoft?

The requirements for Windows are 1 GB RAM or greater, Windows XP or later, Microsoft.NET Framework 4, and 80 MB free disk space.

The requirements for Macintosh are Intel-based Mac, 1 GB RAM or greater, Mac OS X v10.6 or later, QuickTime, and 80 MB free disk space.


If you have any questions about HymnSoft please contact our Sacred Music and Worship Editor. 
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