Curriculum Components

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  • Curriculum grid with Study stanza(s), Focus stanza(s), and Emphasis across years and levels
  • Objectives
  • Key Question
  • Introduction
  • Background Information
  • Age-appropriate questions related to the Study and Focus stanzas, lesson Emphasis, and Key Question
  • Prayer
  • Memorization Plan
  • Activity suggestions for use in a variety of ways and settings (during lesson, following lesson, throughout week, at home)

Insights about the Curriculum

with teacher Kevin Bode and NPH editor Jeremy Bakken

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hymnology?

View the Letter to the Instructor from the curriculum introduction.

What grades correspond to the level designations?

Primary is for grades K-2, Middle is for grades 3-5, and Upper is for grades 6-8.

Do you need to start with Year A?

No; the years are not sequential and can be “jumped into” at any point.

Do I need to align Hymnology Year A with Lectionary Year A?

No; any year of the curriculum can be used with any year of the Lectionary. Sample sequences are included in the curriculum.

Is it aligned to the new Christian Worship?

Yes; all texts, tunes, and settings are aligned to the new Christian Worship.

Who wrote this curriculum?

The curriculum was developed by WELS teachers and pastors under the auspices of the WELS Commission on Worship.

Do I need a separate download for every classroom?

No; a school needs only download one copy of each year and level per school.

Can I transfer the curriculum to another school after purchase?

No. Each school must own its own copy of each year and level.

My school is part of a consortium. Can I purchase one copy for the entire consortium?

No; regardless of administrative structures, each location must purchase their own copy of the curriculum.

My children are home-schooled and this curriculum is outside my personal budget. How can we gain access to this curriculum?

We encourage the congregation with which you and your children are associated to purchase the curriculum. As long as you are members of that congregation, you may use the curriculum that your congregation has purchased with your home-school children. Additionally, the congregation will then own a legal copy to be used with future home-school members and/or to be used in other applications, such as incorporating into the Sunday school curriculum.

Why is the Hymn Sheets and Lyrics a separate purchase?

Due to permissions, this component is sold separately to keep the cost of the overall curriculum down.

How many copies of Hymn Sheets and Lyrics do I need for my school?

Only one copy is needed per school. Additionally, all 90 curriculum hymns are included in this one-time purchase.

What is the purpose of Hymn Sheets and Lyrics?

This resource is for ease in projection preparation.

Are prepared PowerPoint presentations included for each lesson?

No; because preference for presentation software and style varies widely, no fully-prepared presentations are provided. However, the curriculum includes the following for presentation prep:

  • sample presentation
  • 18 slide backgrounds
  • RTF file of Bible passages referenced in each lesson (provided translations: NIV, ESV, CSB, EHV)
  • purchasing the Hymn Sheets and Lyrics provides an RTF file for each hymn text