Wartburg Project

NPH Publishing of Wartburg Project Translation Questions and Answers

An agreement between the Wartburg Project and Northwestern Publishing House has been reached for the printing and distribution of the Wartburg Project Bible translation. Following are questions and answers regarding the Wartburg Project and the role NPH will play in publishing the translation.

1.What is the Wartburg Project?

The Wartburg Project is an independent 501(c)(3) parasynodical organization in fellowship with WELS and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). The Wartburg Project includes more than 90 participants from WELS and the ELS (mostly pastors and professors) who are working together to produce a Bible translation.

2. When did the Wartburg Project begin its work?

The Wartburg Project was formed shortly after the 2013 Synod Convention when Bible translation matters were discussed. At that convention, a resolution “that the Synod praesidium appoint a committee to explore further the preparation of a quality, confessional Lutheran translation of the Bible” was defeated. A Bible translation developed by WELS was therefore not pursued. However, several convention delegates gave encouragement from the floor to those who felt so led, to pursue the work of developing a translation separate from WELS.

3. Is the Wartburg Project funded by WELS?

The Wartburg Project is not owned by WELS and receives no funding from WELS.

4. How far along is the translation?

Visit wartburgproject.org for the most recent progress report.

5. Has anything been published yet?

Visit wartburgproject.org for the samples that are available.

6. Will Northwestern Publishing House be the publisher of the Wartburg Project Bible translation?

Yes, NPH was selected from among other publishers to print and distribute the Wartburg Project translation.

7. When will the Wartburg Project Bible translation be published?

The EHV New Testament and Psalms is available now. By God's grace, work continues on the complete Holy Bible: Evangelical Heritage Version. The complete Holy Bible: Evangelical Heritage Version is scheduled to be released on July 1, 2019. For information, visit the Wartburg Project website.

8. Will the Wartburg Project translation be the only translation utilized by NPH?

The Wartburg Project translation will not be the sole Bible translation utilized in NPH materials. NPH will continue, as directed by the synod resolution, to pursue an “eclectic approach,” utilizing the best translation for the context of any given work. The Wartburg Project translation will be one translation option among others.

9. Is Northwestern Publishing House undertaking the translation work?

NPH is not participating in or funding the translation work. The translation work is being completed by the Wartburg Project pastors, professors, and teachers. The Wartburg Project will be responsible for the translation and will retain its copyright.

10. What is the review process for the translation work?

The Wartburg Project includes many gifted individuals committed to developing a reliable Bible translation from the original languages. Translators are steadfast in their approach as translators solely, with no calling to “improve” the message the Spirit has given. While the Bible translators are fluent in the original language, they also possess a thorough knowledge of the whole message of Scripture, an aptitude to let Scripture interpret Scripture, and a humble willingness to submit to everything which Scripture says. A rigorous editing and review process by our synod’s leading Hebrew and Greek scholars, pastors, teachers, and laypeople is in place to ensure an accurate translation and a harmonized, readable approach across books. The process includes reviews and feedback by:

  • The testament editors and general editors
  • Three technical reviewers (pastors and professors, knowledgeable in the original language)
  • A larger group of popular reviewers (pastors, teachers, lay people, and English stylists) focusing on clarity and readability
  • An editorial board consisting of 6-10 men who have served as translators of other books

11. Why is NPH publishing the Wartburg Project translation?

As the WELS’ publisher, NPH publishes books and other works authored by pastors and professors within WELS and the ELS as well as by parasynodical organizations in fellowship with WELS and the ELS.

12. Will NPH distribute the Wartburg Project translation outside of WELS?

NPH is committed to the broadest possible distribution of the Bible translation produced by the Wartburg Project. The mission of NPH is to “deliver biblically sound, Christ-centered resources within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and beyond.”

13. What can I do to help?

The Wartburg Project is thankful to all who have offered prayers for this project and its participants. Please join NPH and the Wartburg Project translators in praying:

  • For God’s continued blessing on the efforts of the translators and editors
  • That a faithful and useful Bible translation may be developed that brings glory to God and communicates the gospel clearly to today’s people
  • That God will use his Word to bring people to faith, to strengthen the faith of believers, and to encourage closer fellowship among those who serve him

14. How can I contact the Wartburg Project?

To contact the Wartburg Project and learn more, click here.

15. How can I contact Northwestern Publishing House?

To contact NPH, please email one of the following: