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With this CD-ROM software, students walk themselves through Lutheran history, the Small Catechism and its teachings, and personal, everyday applications.

CateQuiz’em is easy to use and user-paced, ideal for catechism self-study!

Internet Connection

An Internet connection is needed to access a few of the links in this program. However, most of the information and all of the quizzes are available with no Internet connection.

Adobe Flash

You need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your system. Without Adobe Flash Player, some screens such as the quizzes may not display properly. Please download the latest update at the Adobe website.

Getting Around the Encyclopedia

The links are located on the left side of the page. The top set of links are the major topics. When you are in one of the topics, a second set of links shows the available subtopics, and if these are further subdivided, there is a third set of links.

Windows 7 and 10

If you use recent versions of Windows, you may not be able to access the program. Open up the CD in File Explorer and click on cq.htm. This will start the program in the browser. Click on the CateQuiz'em Home link and you'll be at the homescreen.

We are aware of an issue that CateQuiz'em has with the Windows 10 "Anniversary Update". We are working on a solution and will post it to this page. If you'd like an email when we have the solution, please email our Web Administrator.

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