Teaching Index

When choosing NPH Bible Study Kits this Teaching Index is provided to assist pastors in determining the appropriate match of a lay member’s teaching skills to a Bible study’s level of difficulty.

This index is meant as a basic guide ranging from 1, the easiest, to 10, the most difficult. Pastors should review the material and make their own assessment of course and teacher suitability.

Levels 1-2

For the first-time teacher, or a trial course for someone who would like to become a regular instructor. Content is basic. The leader’s guide provides enough information and teaching suggestions that the leader will not run out of material. Leader should have a good background in the Christian faith but may be new to the congregation.

Levels 3-4

Content is basic. Some sections may offer challenges for understanding and teaching. Leader may have some experience in teaching an adult class but prefers teaching a relatively easy course, is an established member, and is familiar with those who will be in the class.

Levels 5-6

Content is not difficult but contains some core doctrines of our faith. Some teaching experience may be helpful. Leader should have an above-average background in Christianity.

Levels 7-8

Some content is difficult. Leader should have teaching experience. A lay teacher should do additional background study apart from the leader’s guide.

Levels 9-10

Contains relatively difficult concepts. Leader should be an experienced teacher with a firm grasp of Scripture - enough to use the Bible’s simpler sections to help the class understand the subject. A lay teacher should do additional background study and review each lesson with the pastor before it is taught.