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  1. Come with a Grateful Heart
  2. He Is Born
  3. Luther's Morning Prayer
  4. Luther's Evening Prayer
  5. I Have Come
  6. The Blood of Jesus Speaks for Me
  7. An Easter Alleluia
  8. A Walter Pelz Organ Anthology
  9. Lift Up Your Hearts
  10. Looking to the Cross

    Looking to the Cross

    These arrangements bring forth the range of emotions of the Lenten and Easter seasons, from forlorn sadness and loss to great joy and triumph. They complement the reflection of believers on the cross and Jesus' sacrifice, as well as the days and events leading up to the Resurrection. Learn More
  11. As the Deer

    As the Deer

    This timeless song based on Psalm 42 is given a new treatment. With easy-to-learn choral parts, the anthem builds to the final refrain and key change, singing "You alone are my strength and shield; to you alone may my spirit yield." Learn More
  12. Alleluia! Give Thanks to the Risen Lord

    Alleluia! Give Thanks to the Risen Lord

    This joyous anthem sings the good news of the risen Lord, making it fitting throughout Eastertide. With piano accompaniment and trumpet, the catchy refrain filled with alleluias is interspersed with the verses that proclaim the new life that is ours through the risen Christ. Learn More
  13. Just As I Am

    Just As I Am

    This simple, yet profound statement of faith written by Charlotte Elliot in 1834 has offered consolation and hope to millions. This setting maintains the purity of thought with its simple, elegant flow. Though commonly used in general worship, it is also useful for Lenten sevices and communion. An optional handbell accompaniment is available. Learn More
  14. I Will Rise

    I Will Rise

    The victory is won; he is risen from the dead. And I will rise on eagles' wings. Worthy is the Lamb! This exceptional, balanced arrangement complements the message of solace and hope of life everlasting to the believer. Learn More
  15. Cantad Hosanna!

    Cantad Hosanna!

    For Palm Sunday, here is a multicultural introit featuring Spanish words intermixed with English. Choirs will enjoy the lively calypso rhythms that are easily learned, as well as the bilingual text, which lends itself to adding children to join in on the festive hosannas! Learn More
  16. The Church Pianist's Library, Volume 23

    The Church Pianist's Library, Volume 23

    Drawn from our long-running periodical "The Church Pianist," each volume of "The Church Pianist's Library" contains over 100 pages of music that is satisfying to play but technically accessible and presented in a handy coil-bound format. The music is linked to the church calendar, and each piece is timed to help you plan ahead. This volume will be an instant boost to your repertoire at a very reasonable price. Learn More
  17. My Faith Looks Up to Thee
  18. What Wondrous Love Is This

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