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Daily Devotions for 2019

We learn many things from our Savior Jesus. Not only did he instruct us to spend time in prayer and meditation, but he also demonstrated how to do so.

The gospels record a number of times when the Savior looked for a quiet spot away from the pressures of daily life to spend time in prayer and meditation, either alone or with his followers.

Those who follow his example and spend time with the Savior in his Word will receive food for their souls.

Together With Jesus is a devotional that makes it easy to focus on God's Word for the entire year. The 366 short devotions provide strength, encouragement, and comfort to help you face each new day. Drawing on his own experiences, author Richard Lauersdorf writes to sharpen your focus on Jesus and encourage you to put your faith into practice. Each one-page devotion includes Scripture text, relatable content, and a short prayer. Spend a few minutes every day together with Jesus!

Lord Jesus, fill our lives each day of this new year with more of your unchanging love.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:8