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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we reprint an article from Forward in Christ in our church’s newsletter, service folder, or on our Web site?

Forward in Christ articles can be reprinted for use in a church, school, or organization, provided that copies are distributed free of charge and acknowledge Forward in Christ as the source. Artwork may not be reproduced except in the context of its article.

Articles may not be posted to a church, school, or organization’s Web site without permission; a link, however, to that article on the Forward in Christ Web site is encouraged.

How do I request permission from a publisher/copyright holder?

Most publishers have information on their Web sites about how to contact them for copyright permission, and most prefer those requests to be made in writing (e-mail is okay). Be sure to include in your request the book or publication you want to copy (include stock number or ISBN if possible), the number of pages you wish to copy, to whom the copies will be distributed, and whether or not there is a charge to the recipients for the copies. For permission to reprint NPH copyrighted material, please fill out an NPH Copyright Permissions Request Form.

How do I know if a song is copyrighted, and how do I identify who the copyright owner is?

The publisher of a hymnal or songbook is not necessarily the copyright owner of the individual hymns or songs. In some songbooks and hymnals the copyright information for each song is indicated at the bottom of the music (such as in Christian Worship: Supplement), and in some hymnals (such as in Christian Worship) the copyright information is found in an Acknowledgments section in the back of the book. If you are unsure, contact the publisher of the hymnal or songbook. Also, be aware that there can be multiple copyright holders for one song (for example, for text, tune, setting), and permission must be obtained from each of them to reprint the song.

If I’m only going to reprint the text of a hymn in a service folder and the music is copyrighted (or vice versa), do I need to get permission from the music copyright owner?

No, you only need to get permission for the part (text, tune, or setting) you are reprinting.

If our church owns enough copies of a hymnal or songbook for our pews, can we make copies of a hymn from that book for our service folder, as long as the number of copies doesn’t exceed the number of hymnals we own?

Even though you own the hymnals themselves, ownership of the individual songs and the rights that go along with them still belong to the copyright holders. You cannot reprint anything copyrighted without permission from the copyright holder (either directly or through an online licensing service such as, even if that hymn is in the pew hymnals you have purchased.

What license(s) is needed for a church to podcast its services on its Web site?

Permission must be obtained from the copyright holder(s) of anything copyrighted within a service if it is going to be broadcast in any way, including via the Internet. This would include any copyrighted hymns and liturgies. Most (but not all) of the hymns and liturgies from Christian Worship are copyrighted by member publishers, and OneLicense now offers a Podcast License. Check the for more information on which materials that license covers.

For other questions regarding NPH copyrighted material or to request permission, please contact NPH Copyrights and Permissions:
Email: NPH Copyrights and Permissions
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Mailing address:
Northwestern Publishing House
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For permissions requests, the following form may be used:
NPH Copyright Permissions Request Form


For any questions regarding NPH copyrighted material, please contact NPH Copyrights and Permissions.
Email: | Phone: (414) 615-5706