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Church Service Supplies

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  1. Communion Wafers - Box of 1000
  2. Liquid Wax Fuel
  3. Liquid Wax Fuel
  4. Pump Kit
  5. Spigot Kit
  6. Liquid Wax Fuel
  7. Liquid Wax Fuel
  8. Disposable Communion Cups
  9. Aluminum Offering Plate
  10. Liquid Wax Fuel
  11. Aluminum Offering Plate
  12. Candlelighter
  13. Silverplate Follower 1-1/8 inch
  14. Silverplate Followers 1-1/8 inch Pack of 12
  15. Silverplate Atlar Cross With Oak Base
  16. Palm Ash Serves 500 People
  17. Solid Brass Baptismal Shell
  18. Silverplated Baptismal Shell
  19. Grace - Hmong outreach in Vietnam - pack of 50

    Grace - Hmong outreach in Vietnam - pack of 50

    Order additional copies of this “Grace—Hmong outreach in Vietnam” congregational brochure (full color, 8-page, 5.5 x 8.5 inch bulletin insert) to promote the synod wide special offering being collected through June 2019. WELS encourages all congregations to use this brochure and the other promotional materials already mailed to their congregation during a special worship service during the month of December or during the church season of Epiphany (January 6-March 3). This brochure also includes a special offering envelope that WELS members can use to support this mission opportunity. Members can bring the brochures home and return with their offerings in future weeks. Once the congregational offering is gathered, the church office can use a “Grace—Hmong outreach in Vietnam” coupon and return envelope to send the offering to the synod’s lockbox. For more digital resources and to learn more about this mission opportunity, visit

    This product is available for purchase in packs of 50. Please enter number of packs in quantity box below. Learn More

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