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Ways to Approach the Bible, Part 3: Studying the Bible to Answer Key Questions

Many people do not open their Bibles unless they have some key questions about certain doctrines or they need help with certain problems they are having. However, it is always better to have a regular habit of reading the Scriptures regardless of whether you have burning questions or problems. That way your growth is not dictated by the occasional struggles of life but rather by the beautiful revelation of Scripture as the Holy Spirit planned to deliver it.

Having said this, it can be very helpful to study the Bible as a reference book. It answers all of life’s most important questions. If you are in a discussion with someone about an important teaching of the Bible and the two of you have a disagreement or you are uncertain, you will feel confident when you find out what the Bible has to say.

From Bible Basics, by Donald W. Patterson © 2010 Northwestern Publishing House. All rights reserved.