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Teaching the Confessions: A Letter From the Editor

Dear fellow servant of the Word,

You may get a variety of answers when you ask the adults in your Bible class, “What do you want to study next?” Some may be hoping for a class that would help them understand how to apply God’s Word to a particular faith question they have been pondering or to a spiritual challenge they are facing. Some may prefer to go through a book of the Bible. Chances are, however, that you won’t get many requests to study the Lutheran Confessions.

But the Lutheran Confessions are true treasures for study—and not just for our called workers.One of the consequences of living in the age of technology is that our brothers and sisters in our congregations have to sift through an amazing amount of information every day on every subject you can imagine. They are subjected to many different worldviews and philosophies and expressions of religious beliefs. Their own beliefs are questioned regularly. And if they look for answers or guidance in the local bookstore, what they find often leaves much to be desired.

Every one of us can benefit from being reintroduced to the Lutheran Confessions: documents that express our faith clearly, guide us in our understanding of the Bible, and help us recognize the false voices around us.

We Still Believe and Confess CoverWisconsin Lutheran Seminary professor Dr. John Brenner’s Bible study We Still Believe and Confess reminds us that today we continue to hold the truths the reformers fought to protect and that we are supremely blessed to know the grace of God. The study takes a brief look at the historical development of each of the confessional documents and focuses on some of the major articles within those documents. Through this study, we get a clearer understanding of why we believe what we believe. This helps us witness to others more effectively, even as it helps us identify the misleading messages that bombard us every day.

This is an excellent study to help your students to grow in appreciation for these important confessional documents. More important, your students will become even more deeply rooted in their knowledge of their Christian faith.

God bless the important work you do, bringing his truth to the souls he has placed in your spiritual care!

Because He Lives!

Ray Schumacher
Curriculum Product Editor
Northwestern Publishing House