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Purposeful Grieving: Letter From the Editor

Dear brothers in the ministry,

As a seelsorger, each of us has opportunities to minister to those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. As time passes after a loss, we may wonder if we have followed up with these hurting souls adequately, or if they are in need of further encouragement from God’s comforting Word.

NPH recently published a book which will prove valuable to us as we minister to those who are grieving, whether the lost loved one was a much-anticipated baby still in the mother’s womb or a spouse of many decades.

Purposeful-Grieving-CoverThe book Purposeful Grieving by Dr. Stacy Hoehl contains devotions that cover an eight-week time period. Psalm 13 serves as the outline for each of the daily devotions, which unashamedly admit the pain of grieving while holding the spotlight on the cross of Christ.

Two things stand out about this book. Dr. Hoehl is very clearly speaking from the heart. She is no stranger to grief, and her understanding of the weight of grief is evident. She also gently but intentionally leads people to think about how God can help them to grow through their time of grief, thus the title, Purposeful Grieving.

At one point or another in their lives, everyone grieves over a loss. And though we know from experience that different people grieve in different ways, we all are blessed when, in our grief, our eyes are lifted to the Savior’s cross. This book does that in a truly compassionate way, making it an excellent resource for pastors to have on hand to give to those who are grieving.

May our Savior bless the important work you do in his name!

Because he lives!

Ray Schumacher
Bible Study Editor, Northwestern Publishing House
Visitation Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Waukesha, WI