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Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks: A Letter From the Editor

Dear brothers in the ministry,

Experts in adult education tell us that adults tend to be very pragmatic. They want to be able to see, for themselves, the value in what they are learning. Now, we know that all of God’s Word has value for everyone always. But we also know that our flesh is weak and needs encouragement.

Some people have never really studied the book of Psalms because they haven’t understood how these ancient poems could speak to their lives, their challenges, their questions, and their relationship with God. But there is a reason why the book of Psalms is one of the most cherished books in all of Scripture, why it was the hymnal of the Old Testament people, why its words are still a part of most of our worship services today, and why its truths can offer such comfort and hope to the sick and dying.Pray-Praise-and-Give-Thanks-Bible-Study

Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks: Favorite Psalms of God’s People, by Pastor Stephen Melso, studies nine psalms and reminds us of how immensely practical the book still is today. In a world in which we are bombarded with confusing and dangerous messages, we are reminded of the life-sustaining nourishment we find in God’s Word.

Though we sometimes find ourselves living in a hostile environment, we are comforted with the assurance that the heathen will not succeed in their plans against God’s anointed Savior. When our lives are filled with trouble, we are reminded to find comfort in the arms of our heavenly Shepherd. When turmoil threatens to overwhelm us, we are led to find refuge in our God. When our consciences remind us of how we fail to be what God wants us to be, we are reminded that God cleanses us of our sins. When it seems that the wicked prosper and believers suffer, God gently helps us keep things in a proper perspective. When life seems so fleeting and full of trouble, we are reminded that God’s mercies are beyond our comprehension and endure forever.

This Bible study will help many of your church members grasp just how practical the book of Psalms is. For some, it might be the first step toward a lifelong study of this treasured book. Learn more and view a sample on today.

God bless the important work you do, bringing his truth to the souls he has placed in your spiritual care!

Because He Lives!

Ray Schumacher
Curriculum Editor
Northwestern Publishing House