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Multi-language Product Giveaway a Success

On Saturday, July 14, NPH Christian Books & Gifts Store, Milwaukee, Wis., hosted a giveaway of free multi-language product including Bible studies, evangelism booklets, doctrinal materials, and more. More than 800 titles in 52 languages were made available.

Individuals and church representatives from WELS and other Christian organizations took advantage of the giveaway. Visitors mentioned they planned to use the resources in Hmong outreach, Spanish worship services, African missions, prison ministries, and more.

"It was incredible to see the passion for ministry that the people who came to the event have," remarked NPH President Bill Ziche. "They were thrilled to receive the free materials and are committed to getting them in the hands of others. This was a great opportunity to partner with MLP to share God’s Word."

WELS's Multi-language Publications (MLP) is currently working to make these materials available online via download at About 85 titles will continue to be available in print.

To learn more about the work of MLP, click here.