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Curating the Best Sacred Music Available

As a publisher, NPH produces music and worship materials. You know it’s an NPH publication by the recognizable NPH cross logo on web pages and material covers. But not all the music offered by NPH is published by NPH. There are often questions regarding the relationship between NPH and the music of other sacred music publishers. You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below!

What music does NPH carry from other publishers?
The NPH website features music from other sacred music publishers that has been carefully curated for its excellence of craft, its breadth of application, and its appropriateness to Lutheran worship. For choral music, texts have been reviewed for doctrinal accuracy and clarity.

What publishers does NPH resell?
NPH resells music from the following sacred music publishers: Alfred, Augsburg Fortress, Beckenhorst Press, Choristers Guild, Concordia Publishing House, Floeter Music, GIA, Hal Leonard (and all its subsidiaries), Hope, Kjos, Lorenz (and all its subsidiaries), and MorningStar.

If I can’t find a publisher’s title on the NPH website, can I still order it through NPH?
If it comes from one of the above publishers, yes! Simply call 800-662-6022 or email to connect with one of our Customer Service representatives. Having the title, publisher, and item number ready to go when calling or emailing is very helpful to us when placing these special orders.

Do you only resell keyboard and choral music?
For the most part, we focus on keyboard and choral music. Some instrumental and handbell music is also available on the NPH website. But any publication from the above publishers can be ordered through NPH.

Why should I purchase music from other publishers through NPH?
This may be the most important question asked. NPH receives a portion of every sale made of other publishers’ music. Your choice to purchase your music through NPH directly impacts the NPH ministry. That portion of the sale funds the production of more NPH music and worship materials. The more you support NPH, the more we can support you with our own publications!

Why can’t I find the title, style, arranger, voicing, or other element that I’m looking for?
Curating involves a certain level of subjectivity. To make your browsing less cumbersome, we seek to carry and direct you to “the best of the best” for Lutheran worship, as well as materials that will serve the widest number of congregations. Remember, if you want something from one of the above publishers that isn’t on the NPH website, it can still be ordered through NPH by calling 800-662-6022 or emailing

Are there sample PDFs and recordings available on the NPH website?
Yes, as much as possible. We have the same samples on the NPH website that you will find on the publisher website. If the publisher only provides a partial sample on their website, the NPH website likewise will have the same partial sample.

Is the price the same as ordering direct?
Our retail price is the same as the publisher’s retail price. Our shipping charges are comparable to other publishers and—in some cases—better!

Does it take longer to order my music through NPH?
If the titles are something we have in stock, the time from order to delivery should be comparable to ordering direct. If titles are back-ordered or special order, it may take a few days longer. We appreciate your patience. But remember, choosing to purchase through NPH supports your synod publisher!

How can I provide feedback regarding the music selection on
We welcome feedback, and there are several ways to provide it. Feel free to use our “Contact Us” form online or email Jeremy Bakken, Director of Worship and Sacred Music, at