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A Letter from the Editor — New and Upcoming Bible Studies

Dear brothers, soldiers in the army of our victorious King! 

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed—hallelujah! We stand in awe, contemplating the victory Jesus won for us, eager to proclaim that message through every means possible so that the souls of those around us may be strengthened and encouraged as they serve God in a world that is hostile to the gospel. It is my privilege to share information about some new personal and corporate Bible studies that will be a blessing to you in your ministries, even online over a video call. Remember that you get a 20% discount as a called worker for most NPH-published books when you purchase them for personal use.
Many of our brothers and sisters find their calendars overloaded with activities and obligations, yet they want to spend time at Jesus’ feet listening to his Word. The

5-Minute Bible Studies series offers three brief studies per week for a full year to enable God’s people to insert regular studies of the Word into their busy schedules. 

5-Minute Bible Studies: For Teens by Clark Schultz is available now. Clark has worked with teens at Lakeside Lutheran High School for over a decade, and he speaks very directly about the challenges, emotions, temptations, and struggles that teens face in today’s world. Quantity discounts are available so teens can share with friends or participate in a group Bible study. Softcover, 160 pages. $15.99 

Coming this FALL—5-Minute Bible Studies: For Families, by Jay Bickelhaupt, continues the 5-Minute Bible Studies series. Jay has a passion for reaching out to the unchurched. These short devotions can introduce unchurched families to the daily habit of getting into God’s Word or encourage churchgoing families to set aside time for God at home. 

Many of our congregations are blessed with a small group women’s Bible study, but are challenged to find strong biblical studies written specifically for women. This email details two Bible studies for women to fill that need, with one to come out in the fall. 

In God’s Orchard: Cultivating the Fruit of a Spirit-Filled Life, a Bible study based on Galatians 5:22-23 is the work of six dedicated WELS women. Each lesson focuses on a manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit spoken about by the apostle Paul. This study is done in the popular format of a book with discussion questions that make it suitable for individual as well as group study. Quantity discounts are available, making it easy for participants to write in their answers. Suggested answers are provided in the back of the book. Softcover, 114 pages. $14.99 

Coming this FALL—Full Accessories of God, written by DeLyn Wagenknecht, applies the armor of God illustration of Ephesians 6:10-17 to women, encouraging them to cover themselves in the Word and works of the Lord. 

Finally, this is an election year. Our country’s political climate disheartens many and leaves others wondering how a Christian is to respond to what is happening in our government. Politics Is Driving Me Crazy! corporate study kit is a four-lesson study by former District President Charles Degner that reminds us of our citizenship in two kingdoms, that we are the salt and light of the world, and that God still rules for the good of his church. You will hear more in the coming months about this opportunity to encourage God’s people to pray for our country through this study—it is available now and can be used at any time during this election cycle. Downloadable or CD. $34.99

God bless the work that you do as shepherds in God’s kingdom, leading the flocks to the green pastures of his Word. 

With you in Christ, 

Ray Schumacher

Bible Study Editor