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A Checklist for Christian Parents

Does either of the following expressions describe your approach to teaching your children? “Do as I say, not as I do.” Or, “Monkey see, monkey do.”

Neither is totally effective. A better saying would be— “Learn from what I teach you, and watch what I do.”

Children learn best when words of instruction are reinforced by the examples they see. They become confused when what they observe in your behavior is different from your words. So, what are your children hearing in your words; and what are they seeing in your behavior?

Yes  No      Do your children hear you talk about your love for Jesus?

checklist-154274_640Yes  No      Do they see you pray and read the Bible?

Yes  No      Do they hear you talk about God’s blessings to the family?

Yes  No      Do they see an accepting, thankful attitude?

Yes  No      Are they taught why going to church is important?

Yes  No      Do they observe you taking an active part in worship?

Yes  No      Do they hear you singing?

Yes  No      Do you teach them to bring an offering to God?

Yes  No      Do they see you setting aside money for an offering?

Yes  No      Do you instruct your children to be kind and caring to all?

Yes  No      Do they see you show respect for everyone?

Yes  No      Do they observe love being exchanged between parents?

Yes  No      Are your children taught the value of work?

Yes  No      Do they see you doing things to help others?

Yes  No      Do they see you supporting the members of your family?

Yes  No      Are they taught to take responsibility for their actions?

Yes  No      Have they seen you admit to a wrong word or action?

Yes  No      Have they seen you apologize for doing wrong?

Yes  No      Are they taught to be polite?

Yes  No      Do they hear you say please and thank you?

Yes  No      Do they hear you say I'm sorry or I forgive you?

Yes  No      Do you teach your children to talk about their frustrations?

Yes  No      Do they see you in control of your actions and emotions?

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