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The standard design displays the official WELS logo on brilliant white. Manufactured of high strength alloy aluminum, in a .080" thickness, and finished with 3M Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, this product can be a valuable tool in directing visitors to your church and/or school.

Size and Cost

Click on link below to order:

  • WELS Road Sign - 24" x 30", $125.00 plus shipping.

To order, please call Mary at: 1-800-662-6093, ext. 5749, or send an email.


Customize the road sign with your church and/or school’s name, address, and a directional arrow.

Holes are pre-drilled on all the signs.

We suggest limiting copy to five lines, including arrow, for adequate letter and numeral size.

Be sure to inquire at your state or local highway commission about regulations before ordering signs.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 


  • If your congregation has the word "Evangelical" or "EV" in the title, we suggest printing it on the road sign.
  • If your congregation operates a Christian Day School, we suggest using the words: "Church & School" on the 3rd line.

Suggestions for bottom line section:

  • Right Arrow.
  • Left Arrow.
  • Ahead - may be used if the sign(s) is to be placed on the same road as the Church.
  • Street Address - may be used if the sign(s) is at the edge of town or quite a distance away from the Church.

Options to avoid:

  • Time of Services.
  • Phone Numbers or E-mail Address

To order, please call Mary at: 1-800-662-6093, ext. 5749, or send an email.

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