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Sing and Make Music


Sing and Make Music is a music curriculum with supporting materials for Lutheran elementary schools, grades prekindergarten through 8. It is a complete music education program with a ready-to-use set of materials drawn from the sacred and secular heritage of music. The program makes teaching music easy, even for teachers with modest musical abilities.

Levels One (for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten),Two (for Grades 1 and 2), Three (for Grades 3 and 4), Four (for Grades 5 and 6) and Five (for Grades 7 and 8) are available.

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Each level of Sing and Make Music includes:


Easy-to-use Teacher’s Guide
Each level of Sing and Make Music is housed in convenient, sturdy three-ring binders. Colorful tabs divide the lesson notes, songs, and activity copy masters for each unit. Handy indexes provide quick reference to unit contents, songs, and CD tracks.
Songbook–Accompaniment Edition
This collection provides simple keyboard accompaniments for the songs that supplement the unit plans of Sing and Make Music. The contents include a variety of songs—both new and traditional, sacred and secular, easy as well as challenging.
Songbook–Student Edition
Individual student songbooks for Levels Two through Five provide the words and the music for all the supplementary songs.
Compact Discs
Two sets of CDs provide interesting accompaniments and supplementary music for Sing and Make Music. The Lesson CDs contain songs and listening activities for the unit lessons. The Songbook CDs contain all the songs in the Songbook. The voice or accompaniment track can be used alone by adjusting the left-to-right balance control on the CD player or sound system. The digital CD track location for every song is listed in the Teacher’s Guide.
Supplementary Recordings
Each level of Sing and Make Music includes a unit on the "classics." Recordings of the required compositions are available on various CDs from music stores, school supply catalogs, or public libraries. The specific recordings referenced in the Teacher’s Guide may be ordered from Northwestern Publishing House.
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