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Martin Luther: Reformer
This is a revision of an NPH Classic first published in 1983. This book emphasizes the impact of Martin Luther’s teachings and sweeping reform on today’s Lutheran church. One of these impacts was to give the Lutheran church an identity by transforming it into a confessional church. Although this book contains biographical material, it is not intended to be a chronological depiction of Luther’s life; rather, biographical information and quotes of Luther are woven throughout the commentary as background material to help show what Luther represented. Author Armin Schuetze writes a captivating commentary to help readers share in the up-and-down battles of a difficult reform, reaffirm their Lutheran beliefs, and appreciate just what Luther did for the church, past and present.
19 Minutes with Luther: On Martin Luther’s Small Catechism

This Bible study provides a basic understanding of Scripture and Lutheran teaching based on Dr. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Each 19-minute lesson contains catechism material with Scripture plus content and application discussion questions and answers. Use as short Bible study during the summer months or any time of year. Also useful for devotions in council, voters’, and a variety of other meetings. Fifty-two double-sided copy masters, equivalent to four summers of lessons.

Luther’s Large Catechism: Part 1

A two-column format Bible study organizes the complete text of the Large Catechism alongside a unique blend of study questions about Luther’s text, Scripture studies, and life applications. It includes the Ten Commandments in a two-part study.

Luther’s Large Catechism: Part 2

A two-column format Bible study organizes the complete text of the Large Catechism alongside a unique blend of study questions about Luther’s text, Scripture studies, and life applications. Includes the Apostles’ Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. Teaching level 6. 11 lessons.

As Luther Taught the Word of Truth: Devotions on the Small Catechism

This book contains 58 devotions that will deepen your understanding of scriptural applications. Each devotion penetrates a concept or phrase found in one of the chief parts of Dr. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Author Lauersdorf also uses personal remembrances to connect with resonant events in the reader’s life. At the heart of every devotion is the comforting message of the gospel, which is just as Luther taught the Word of Truth.

Foolishness of God: The Place of Reason in the Theology of Martin Luther

This NPH classic was first published in 1982. Dr. Siegbert Becker (1914-1984) has gone a long way in clearing up the confusion over Luther’s concept of reason. All who read this monograph will be convinced that while Luther may have been antirationalistic, he was not irrational. It would be difficult to find a better description of Luther’s view of reason than that given by Becker: It is not Christianity that needs to be made reasonable. It is reason that needs to be made Christian.

Luther Lives: Essays in Commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s Birth

Collection of twelve essays, each written by a member of the 1982-1983 Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary faculty from their own special area of interest in Luther’s abiding impact and influence. Whether it be hermeneutics or exegesis, liturgics or missiology, dogmatics or symbolics -- whatever the theological study, Luther has his say and his sway.

A Simple Way to Pray
Luther, basing his advice squarely on the Word of God, shows us how to use the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Creed as starting points for prayer. Thanks to the readable translation, this gem is as fresh and usable today as when Luther first penned it for his friend, a barber named Peter.
Luther’s Works CD-ROM
Pelikan, Jaroslav, and Lehmann, Helmut T. This CD-ROM makes available the entire 55- volume set of Luther’s Works, a magisterial translation published jointly by Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing House in 1957. Singular in its value to church historians, Luther scholars, students, and all Christians, this monumental offering puts the entire Luther corpus, the KJV Bible, and The Book of Concord at the command of a few keystrokes. It is unrivaled in accessibility and convenience.
Luther Movie

Joseph Fiennes stars as Martin Luther, the brilliant man of God whose defiant actions changed the world, in this epic, ravishingly beautiful (The New York Times) film that traces Luther’s extraordinary and exhilarating quest for the people’s liberation.

Luther: Biography of a Reformer

Martin Luther is a hero of the faith for all Christians. In this captivating and reader-friendly biography, author Frederick Nohl takes you on a journey through the adventurous, often dangerous life of this man of God. Luther knew his weaknesses and sin only too well, but all the more he clung to his Savior, Jesus Christ.

This book is a beautifully done keepsake that complements the movie and includes full-color pictures from the movie!

Martin Luther Video: The Classic Louis De Rochemont Production

This black and white film is the original classic that was released in theaters around the world and was nominated for an Academy Award. It traces the life of Martin Luther and how he broke with the Roman Church.

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