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This series provides a confessional Lutheran perspective on the teachings and practices of other denominations. The authors compare and contrast these other denominations with the Lutheran Confessions and evaluate whether or not they deviate from Scripture. Their clear analysis, with gospel emphasis, will help you understand friends or relatives who belong to other denominations and will prepare you to better share your faith with them.

Each volume in the series gives a brief look at the teachings of the denomination and compares them to confessional Lutheranism, providing an invaluable tool for the comparative study of Lutheranism with other denominations.

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A Lutheran Looks at Catholics, by Curtis A. Jahn
The seventh book in A Lutheran Looks at… series examines both historic and modern Catholicism from a confessional Lutheran perspective. Author Curtis A. Jahn accurately depicts the teachings and practices of the most widespread sect of Christianity to help you better understand Catholics—many of whom are your neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Through this book, readers will get a clear picture of Catholicism and be able to better ask questions and open up a dialogue with its adherents, all in order to spread the love of Christ to them. Published 2014.
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A Lutheran Looks at Methodists and Holiness Churches, by Geoffrey A. Kieta
Provides a confessional Lutheran perspective on the teachings of Methodists and holiness churches. Author Geoffrey A Kieta helps us understand the life of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, and how Methodism spread throughout the United States. Kieta goes on to discuss modern Methodism and its views on various theological issues. The author also takes an in-depth look at what are known as holiness churches, including the Church of the Nazarene and the Salvation Army. A Lutheran Looks at Methodists and Holiness Churches will help you understand the beliefs of your neighbor, coworker, or friend and help you share your faith with them..
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A Lutheran Looks at Episcopalians, by James F. Pope
Pope analyzes the Episcopal Church, which has connections to 16th-century England and the Anglican Church. Episcopalians, like Lutherans, proclaim Jesus and administer the sacraments. But the Episcopal Church is not a confessional body. To a large extent, it finds unity in The Book of Common Prayer.

Lacking a common confession, the Episcopal Church accepts a wide range of teachings and practices among its pastors, members, and congregations. Tension exists in this nonconfessional church as it struggles with how to react to trends and practices in today’s culture.
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A Lutheran Looks at The Assemblies of God, by Michael T. Feuerstahler
The author helps us understand the Assemblies, as well as the nature of Pentecostalism in general, which has spilled over into mainline churches under the label of the charismatic movement. Feuerstahler gives us a look at Assemblies of God teachings, focusing especially on the nature of "Spirit baptism" and the supernatural gifts of the Sprit they claim the church should still expect. These gifts include speaking in tongues and the ability to heal.

Church bodies with the Pentecostal/charismatic movement are some of the fastest growing in the world, claiming a combined membership of 500 million. Understanding the Assemblies of God will help you understand all the churches associated with this movement.
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A Lutheran Looks at Baptists, by Eric S. Hartzell
Hartzell traces the history of Baptist churches back to 17th-century England. He describes their Calvinistic roots and shows that, by contract, most modern Baptists teach some form of "decision theology." He demonstrates that Baptists are not a single denomination but are a cluster of denominations, each with its own characteristics. He explains that Baptists have never promoted formal creeds or denominational loyalties.

After showing that much of Baptist theology obscures the gospel, the author challenges Lutherans to talk confidently and sincerely about their faith with their Baptist friends and relatives.
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A Lutheran Looks at Eastern Orthodoxy, by Robert J. Koester
Koester explains the history behind the split between the Western and Eastern Christian churches and the central teachings of Orthodoxy.

A unique addition to this book is the author's own personal impressions of eight Eastern Orthodox churches he visited in Southeast Wisconsin.
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A Lutheran Looks at Mega Churches, by Andrew P. Bauer
Provides a confessional Lutheran perspective on the phenomenon of congregations ("mega churches") that average more than two thousand in attendance each Sunday at a single location. As Bauer focuses on these typically nondenominational, fast-growing churches with roots in American evangelicalism, he describes the teachings they have in common and how they use their "style" as a drawing card. Throughout he challenges you to explore what being Lutheran really means: a focus on Word and sacraments and not merely on numbers. A Lutheran Looks at Mega Churches will help you understand the beliefs of your neighbor, coworker, or friend and help you to share your faith with them.
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