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Family Life Series


Product ShotThe Family Life series is a marriage and family enrichment ministry tool produced by Northwestern Publishing House in conjunction with the WELS Commission on Adult Discipleship. The series can be used in a variety of ways - for personal or group Bible study, distribution to church members, or to aid pastors and church leaders in helping families that face challenges. Each booklet in the series addresses an issue that most families will face at one time or another and provides Christ-centered guidance and encouragement. Written from the perspectives of redeemed children of God, the series helps us to recognize both the practical and the spiritual implications of the various issues.

Take advantage of this versatile ministry tool - help the members of your school or congregation!


The Family Life series consists of sixteen booklets and two leader’s guides, one for Set 1 and one for Set 2. The booklets can be used for private reading or group Bible studies, or can be distributed as discussion pieces to leaders or members of a school or congregation.


  • The booklets include several discussion questions at the end of each chapter to help the reader focus the message on his or her own life. The questions can also be used to lead 20-minute Bible studies.
  • The two leader’s guides provide an expanded study of each chapter in the booklets. The Set 1 Leader’s Guide includes student copy masters and a CD with student lessons in PDF and RTF for 28 Bible class sessions, while 30 PDF lessons are included in the Set 2 Leader’s Guide.



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Set 1 
Priorities *
Raymond W. Schumacher challenges us to consider whether the things that occupy our time are really important to our marriages, our families, and our souls.
Christian Education
John D. Kolander reminds parents to give their children the greatest possible gift - the precious message of Jesus. He clearly demonstrates the important role Christian schools play in helping parents with this task.
Dealing with In-Laws
William R. Gabb addresses some of the issues that surface in relationships between in-laws and offers a wealth of practical advice to help us nurture those special kinds of relationships.
Children on Loan from God *
Laurie F. Biedenbender shows that successful parenting begins with the understanding that our children are gifts from God. She points to three simple biblical principles that prepare us for the parenting challenge.
Spiritual Leadership *
David P. Russow reminds parents of the extraordinary privilege God has given them - to be spiritual leaders for their families.
Family Conflict
H. Curtis Lyon helps us recognize several major causes of family conflict, such as jealousy, selfishness, and failure to communicate. He leads us to Jesus as the solution to all conflicts.
Caring for Elderly Parents
Delbert L. Begalka explores many issues related to caring for elderly loved ones and offers practical advice about things we can do to repay our parents for the love they shared with us.
Family Finances
Thomas B. Franzmann discusses five principles that form the foundation of Christian financial management. He proposes a simple plan that all of us can use, no matter what our stations in life.
Set 2 
Birth Control
Jeanne B. Fehlauer helps us sort out God’s will regarding birth control and encourages the reader to form opinions and decisions regarding birth control in the light of God’s Word. Download answers to study questions.
Child Care
Thomas J. and Kristen K. Smith help couples sort out child care matters with help and direction from God’s Word, offering alternatives to child care and help in working with child care providers. Download answers to study questions.
Decision Making
David D. Sellnow helps God’s people look at decision making from God’s standpoint, allowing them to move away from the burden of guilt and second-guessing and to move ahead boldly, learning how to trust in God for guidance. Download answers to study questions.
Embracing the Empty Nest
Vera-Ellen Cook seeks to help God’s people deal with an empty nest as she puts parenting into perspective, encouraging parents to be independent from their children without being isolated from them. Download answers to study questions.
Feeding Your Family Spiritually
David D. Sellnow goes beyond advising parents to send their children to Sunday school, confirmation class, or a Lutheran school, giving them guidance on what they themselves can do to help their children spiritually. Download answers to study questions.
Eugene F. Ahlswede gets to the heart of a healthy family life. When parents use the law and the gospel to bring up their children in the Lord, children come to know what love really is, for both parents and children have sinned and need God’s mercy. Download answers to study questions.
Thad C. Jahns works with us to understand and renew a feeling of intimacy in marriage - intimacy of body, heart, and in a shared faith in Christ. Download answers to study questions.
Ann L. Jahns shows one person’s struggle with working through the loss of a child in miscarriage. In doing so she helps others who have experienced miscarriages know that they are not alone - that God is with them. Download answers to study questions.
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