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Thank you for your interest in God’s Promise.


This technical support page will be updated as we become aware of issues related to the functionality of this product.


Please help us by making us aware of problems that you may experience. We will try to post suggestions / solutions to common problems as we become aware of them.

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Known Issues and Solutions
Problem Possible Solution
On certain older machines the introductory video guide’s lips may not synchronize with the sound. Upgrade speed of CD-ROM drive. Upgrade processor speed of computer
You may enter an interaction after the puzzle piece has been placed in the completed puzzle box (in the upper-right of your screen). By rolling over the puzzle pieces with your cursor, you can see in the information window which interaction is associated with the puzzle piece. If you roll over the edge of the piece, the text in the information window may not be correct. Your cursor must be in the middle of the puzzle piece.
CD Drive Issue You can install the program from any drive. However, on some computers it likes to use the lower drive letter to run the program. For example, if you have a DVD drive that is labeled "D" and a regular CD-ROM drive that is labeled "E," you can install off your E drive, but you must play the program from the D drive. This is not a universal problem, but may occur on some systems.
Interaction Issue

"Why Did They Do It?" interaction

When you play the "Why Did They Do It?" interaction, read the instructions and note the help prompts in the bottom window. The first screen will often call for multiple answers and you will not be able to move ahead until you check all the appropriate boxes.


If you are experiencing problems, please submit a Technical Support Request.


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