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Bible Discovery Series


Delve into every level of the Bible with tools in each volume that help you probe the text of Scripture. The insights provided will remove the speed bumps on your road to a greater understanding of God’s Word.

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Titles currently available are: 

A Chosen Land for a Chosen People: Exploring the Promised Land Jesus Called Home
by James A. Aderman
Learn about the Promised Land, the blessings and challenges it presented to the Israelites, and why Jesus came into the world there. Includes maps and diagrams to help you visualize the Holy Land, and a geographical index. 150 pages.

Time Between the Testaments: Connecting Malachi to Matthew
by Mark E. Braun
Discover more about the time period gap between the Old and New Testaments, and gain a clear picture of the world in which your Savior was born, lived, died, and rose again. Includes helpful maps and charts. 106 pages.
Flowers in the Desert: Learning to Love the Prophets
by Robert J. Koester
Laws, warnings, and God's wrath seem to dominate the Old Testament landscape, and prophets are often channels for this righteous judgment. However, when we look closely, we see that it is through these men that the beauty of the gospel begins to bloom. This volume will help you appreciate the prophets and the message they conveyed to God's people. 128 pages.
Hard Sayings of Jesus: Embracing His Words of Life
by Joel C. Seifert
Many people in Jesus' day found certain statements of his to be confusing or challenging. Perhaps you've run into this as well? Whether you're new to the faith or have been a Christian your whole life, this book will clear up the confusion around difficult or controversial statements that Jesus made during his earthly mission. It will help you understand and embrace all your Savior's words of life. 83 pages.
Digging for Insights: Using Archaeology to Study the Bible
by John F. Brug
Discover how archaeology’s methods and contributions can teach us about the Bible. Through the fascinating physical remains of ancient cultures, archaeology gives us great details about life in biblical times. However, at the same time we must see how a critical eye is necessary in considering science’s claims, interpretations, and speculations. Index. 205 pages.
One God-Two Covenants? Finding the Heart of the Old Testament
by Lyle W. Lange
How can one God set down two methods by which he deals with us? While God gave Abraham the promise covenant, he also gave Moses the law covenant on Mount Sinai. Examine God’s promises by seeing the Savior as the central message of the Old Testament and determining whether or not the Old Testament law is still applicable to believers today. Index. 122 pages.
Bible Basics: Finding Tools to Read and Interpret Scripture
by Donald W. Patterson
Are you afraid of the Bible? Or do you shy away from reading the Bible because it seems irrelevant or weird? Maybe you never learned how to read it. With this proper introduction, you’ll have a renewed understanding of the most wonderful book on earth. And, once inside, you will find its pages hold the answers to all of life’s big questions. Find help in understanding Scripture, and enjoy what it has to offer. 96 pages.
Grand Themes and Key Words: Exploring Important Bible Terms
by Karl A. Walther
A comprehensive overview of the principal words and ideas that can be stumbling blocks in Bible reading. Forty-one terms are presented alphabetically, with the author using short essays to define the terms as they are used in Scripture. 157 pages.
Life in the New Testament World: Understanding Professions, Practices, and Politics
by Armin J. Panning
Enrich your understanding of the Bible by learning what a scribe or a fisherman did and what it was like to travel by sea. This book will help you visualize things in the New Testament world such as the Roman occupation of the Jewish homeland and the various jobs and professions of its people. Includes index. 139 pages.
Four Portraits of the One Savior: Discovering Why the Bible Has Four Gospels
by Mark J. Lenz
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—did you know that each gospel was written for a specific audience? This book gives you further knowledge of the four men who penned the gospels, who they were addressing, and the basic purposes for their writings. 98 pages.
The Bloodstained Path to God: Experiencing Worship with Old Testament Believers
by Daniel and Sarah Habben
In the times of the Old Testament, worship was very different from what we know today. This books offers an explanation of the laws of the Mosaic Covenant, focusing on the yearly cycle of festivals and the sacrifices God commanded his people to offer. Through a series of short stories, the authors illustrate day-to-day life in a Jewish family and worship at the temple in Jerusalem. 137 pages.

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God's Imagery: Interpreting Scripture's Symbols, Parables, and Word Pictures
by Joel Seifert
There are many symbols, metaphors, and parables in scripture, and sometimes it can be hard to wrap your head around all of them. This book teaches the principles of interpretation and explains Biblical figurative language from a solid Lutheran understanding. By deciphering the symbols in scripture, you will grow in faith and knowledge of God's saving grace. Scripture index. 148 pages.
His Hand Among the Nations: Seeing God's Control in the Old Testament World
by Lyle Luchterhand
Do you ever wonder why the OT is significant? What good are those accounts of the rise and fall of kingdoms, of prophets, and royalty and lineage? How does it all relate to the gospel of Jesus Christ? This book shows how God masterfully guided and shaped world events in those days. Through its eye-opening historical and biblical analysis, your faith will be renewed as you begin to recognize how the Old Testament correlates with God's plan of redemption. Name and Place index. 150 pages.
Unexpected Treasures: Finding Value in Bible Names, Dates, and Genealogies
by James P. Becker and Joshua J. Becker
Can't pronounce that biblical name? Tempted to skip over another genealogy list? These less glamorous aspects of God's Word can actually hold great value and make Scripture more relatable and vivid to us. Uncover these hidden treasures with help from the newest Bible Discovery series volume. Includes name index. 134 pages. Access the Audio Pronunciation Guide.


Final Volume (released Fall 2017) 

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