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Whole Bible Project

One tool, hundreds of uses.


The ALL-IN-ONE Whole Bible Project is a series of easy-to-use, one-page Bible studies on CD that covers all of Scripture. The one-page format, fashioned after the popular 19-Minute Bible Studies, is divided into discussion, application, and summary sections. Each CD includes teaching materials and student lesson copy masters in two formats: PDF for printing studies directly from CD and RTF for easy customization and adaptation of material for a specific group or topic. This adaptable format gives study leaders options: teach whole Bible books or portions of them or customize studies on various topics or doctrines by assembling studies on relevant Bible chapters or verses.


Whole Bible Project Complete Set on 1 CD ($299.90).
The ten sets purchased individually would cost $499.90. Enjoy $200 in savings! No further discounts apply.


Convenient Collections

Convenient Subscription Plan!

Subscribe to receive one set per month for ten months ($374.93)! No further discounts apply. Call 1-800-662-6022 for more details.


Build Your Library One Set at a Time.
Whole Bible Project is packaged to suit your needs—ten sets ($49.99/set), each containing studies on four to ten Bible books. Purchase sets as you need them.


Old Testament Sets
New Testament Sets
i Books of Moses Set vii Gospel Set
ii Promised Land Set viii Paul’s Great Epistles Set
iii Rise and Fall of Israel Set ix Paul’s Mission Work and Epistles Set
iv Psalms and Wisdom Set x General Epistles Set
v Early Prophets Set
vi Later Prophets Set
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