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Magazine Description Bundle Size Bundle Rate Quantity
Meditations Daily Devotional
(4 issues/year)
1-11 copies
  12-99 copies    
  100+ copies    
Meditations Daily Devotional - Large Print
(4 issues/year)
1-11 copies
  12+ copies    
      Amount Billed Annually  
Forward in Christ
(12 issues/year)
1-11 copies
  12-99 copies    
  100+ copies    
Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly
(4 issues/year)
1+ copies
Parents Crosslink
(4 issues/year)
1-9 copies
  10-24 copies    
  25-49 copies    
  50-99 copies    
  100+ copies    
      Amount Billed Annually  
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* Mission and exploratory congregations are eligible for bundle pricing even if they don't meet the minimum.

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