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Anytime Anywhere Bible Study Signup for Final Web Customers

What are Anytime, Anywhere Bible Studies?

Anytime Anywhere Bible Studies are designed for church Web sites, using Adobe® Flash®. The studies themselves feature NIV text, audio clips, and story illustrations. Fourteen studies in two types are included: nine “quick” studies look at the lives of the patriarchs:
and five “in-depth” topical studies:

The quick studies offer a total of 90 lessons, each 10 to 15 minutes, and include the text of applicable portions of The People’s Bible commentary for more insight. The in-depth studies allow users to explore each topic at their own pace in 3-4 hours. Each topic is examined using “Bible Basics,” “Details,” “History,” “Faith and Life.” Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners or holders.

How will it work?

1) First, purchase the Anytime Anywhere Study(ies) that you would like to install. Do this using this special signup form for Finalweb customers. After submitting this form, an NPH representative will enter your order and your organization's account will be billed for the Bible studies ordered.

2) NPH will notify Finalweb that you have purchased the Bible Studies and that they are authorized for use on your website. Within one business day, you will be able to add the studies to your website.

3) On your website, log in as an administrator and edit the menu to which you would like to add the link. This can be done by clicking "Edit Menu" on your site itself, or by going to Site Manager > Menu Builder and choosing the desired menu.

4) In the "Headers/Other" area at the bottom, you will find a link for each Anytime Anywhere study you have purchased. Drag the link to the menu and save your menu, and it will be active on your site.

Please use the form below to order Anytime, Anywhere Bible Studies for your website

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