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Northwestern Publishing House, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary education department, is pleased to introduce a new edition of Luther’s Catechism. This hardcover edition includes features designed to engage and equip future generations. The question-and- answer approach develops the students’ ability to discover truths directly from the Bible. Additionally, the lessons taught in each unit tie directly to biblical history to encourage a greater understanding of the accounts found in the Bible and their connection to God’s plan of salvation.

Luther's conviction that the catechism should be a tool for lifelong learning has influenced the design and development of this book.

Several features will amplify the usefulness of this new exposition in the classroom.

A full-color layout and engaging diagrams will aid visual learners. A fresh readability will engage verbal learners. While this new edition of Luther’s Catechism is a textbook, it will equally feel like a student’s resource for everyday living.

  • ESV or NIV - Two versions will be available. Bible references in one are from the ESV. References in the other are from the NIV (2011).
  • Designed with good teaching methodology in mind - When students could draw the answer to the question from the supplied Scripture references, the answer isn't given. This feature helps the students develop the skill of finding answers in the Scriptures. When the questions or references are more complex, answers or explanatory notes are provided.
  • Content summary diagrams - The full-color graphics will enhance understanding, especially for visual learners.
  • Smaller size and full-color interior - The book will look less like a textbook and more like an important book for everyday living.
  • Bible history connection - The truth taught in each unit is tied to a section of Bible history. This will help students grow in their knowledge of Bible history and help them see the connection of doctrinal truth to God's plan of salvation.
  • Strengthened understanding and appreciation of our heritage - Each unit includes a quote from Luther or the Confessions. Truths that are distinctive to the Lutheran church are emphasized.
  • Readability - Each unit opens with an introduction. Transitional statements and explanations help a reader grasp the logic of the doctrinal presentation. This enhances the usefulness of the catechism as a review and resource well after confirmation class.
  • Devotional Use - Each unit concludes with a connections section that helps the student understand the application of the doctrinal content of that unit. The connections section also ties together the Bible history as well as the quote from Luther or the Confessions with the truth taught in the unit. This section could well be used by families for devotions.

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This catechism edition will help prepare confirmands for lifelong church membership and is ideal for gift-giving.

Catechism Connections - Expressions of My Faith - Offering space for students to record Bible passages and other notes about what they are learning, this indispensable workbook will be useful now and beneficial for their future.

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Catechism Diagrams - Download the entire collection of color diagrams from the new edition of Luther’s Catechism for use in confirmation classes, Bible studies, and more! Both complete and fill-in versions are provided as PNG files and standard and widescreen PowerPoint slides. Downloadable only.

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To fill out your Catechism curriculum, purchase one copy of either translation of Luther’s Catechism together with one copy of Catechism Connections: Expressions of My Faith (7701516, available by preorder) and receive Catechism Diagrams (7701515E) FREE!

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