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NPH Extra Program

Introducing you to Northwestern Publishing House’s customer loyalty program, the NPH Extra Program, where you earn money back for your church or school!

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What reward will my church or school receive? 

Purchases may be made in the retail store, over the phone at 800-662-6022 (Milwaukee area: 414-475-6600), and through the Online Catalog. Simply tell your customer service representative your NPH Extra card number when you make a purchase. When you sign up for an online account or place an order online it is important that you use your NPH Extra card number in order for your church or school to receive its reward.

Four times a year your designated church or school will receive a rebate check for 1% of your purchases together with the earnings for everyone else enrolled under them. Checks will not be sent for less than $25. Instead the rebate will carry over through the next quarter.

How do I sign up? 

You may sign up via a customer service representative in our retail store, order services can set you up in moments by calling 1-800-662-6022 or sign up online.

What should I do if my e-mail address changes? 

It is important that you let us know if your e-mail address changes. Simply send an e-mail with your NPH Extra card number and your new e-mail address. You may also tell your customer service representative about the change when you make a purchase over the phone or in the retail store.

What should I do if I change churches or schools? 

If you would like to change the organization that receives your benefit simply send us an e-mail with your NPH Extra card number or tell your customer service representative when you make a purchase.

What other benefits do I get as a member NPH Extra Rewards Program?

Periodically we may offer special incentives to members of the NPH Extra program. If we have your e-mail address on file you will receive notification of these special incentives.

How will you use my e-mail address? 

We may only use your e-mail address to send you occasional special incentives offered to NPH Extra members. We will never share your e-mail address with anyone outside of NPH.

A few restrictions apply to the NPH Extra Program: 

  • Only personal accounts can join the NPH Extra program.
  • Purchases that will be reimbursed by a church, school, or other organization are not eligible for rewards and may not be purchased under an NPH Extra Program number.
  • Purchases of gift cards do not accumulate rewards.
  • Subscriptions, and shopWELS purchases are not eligible for rewards.
  • Organization benefits are non-transferable.
  • Delinquent organizations will not receive their rebates until they have been brought up-to-date.
  • Program details are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Northwestern Publishing House!

If you have any questions please contact us:

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