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Forward in Christ is the official magazine of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and your link to the WELS-worldwide. Keep in touch by reading the monthly features and informative articles. Look to Forward in Christ for a biblical focus on today’s issues and news, insightful editorials, and responses from readers. Every issue offers help for Christian living. It is available as bulk subscriptions to congregations and organizations. Published monthly. 36 pages per issue.

Digital Edition Also Available!

Click here for more information and sample issue.

Order the complimentary “Every Neighbor, Every Nation—WELS Missions and You” bonus issue of Forward in Christ, which shares stories of new mission opportunities. Copies are available for individuals or congregations while supply lasts.

You can also order additional offering envelopes for "Every Neighbor, Every Nation - WELS Missions and You." Please note that each copy of the bonus issue of the magazine already includes one offering envelope.

Single Copies and Individual Subscriptions

To order a single copy or individual subscription, click on the prices below:

Forward in Christ Pricing
Single Copy $ 2.05 US
Individual Subscription (Print Edition)
1-year $17.99 US 18.89 CAN 71.99 FOR
2-year $34.18 US 35.89 CAN 142.18 FOR
3-year $49.47 US $51.94 CAN 211.47 FOR
Individual Subscription (Digital Edition)
1-year $15.99 US 16.79 CAN 15.99 FOR
2-year $30.38 US 31.90 CAN 30.38 FOR
3-year 43.97 US 46.17 CAN 43.97 FOR
Individual Subscription (Premium Edition - Print and Digital)
1-year $18.99 US 19.94 CAN 72.99 FOR
2-year $36.08 US 37.88 CAN 144.08 FOR
3-year 52.22 US 54.83 CAN 214.22 FOR

Bulk Subscriptions

To order a bundle or blanket subscription, please use the following order forms or call 1-800-662-6093 (Milwaukee area: 414-475-6600):

Bundle Order Form
Blanket Order Form

Note: Digital Edition is NOT available for bulk subscriptions at this time.
Forward in Christ
1-11 copies delivered to a single address: $17.99 per copy/year
12-99 copies delivered to a single address: $11.50 per copy/year
100+ copies delivered to a single address: $11.25 per copy/year
1-11 copies delivered to individual member addresses: $17.99
12+ copies delivered to individual member addresses: $13.49
* Mission and exploratory congregations are eligible for bundle and blanket pricing even if they don’t meet the minimum.
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