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Christ-Light 2



Welcome to our Web page for Christ-Light 2! We hope this page will serve to keep you up-to-date on the latest news for our curriculum revision. We invite you to bookmark this page and visit often.

Christ-Light for Lutheran elementary schools New Testament material has been released and is now available! In addition, all eight topical Bible studies for seventh and eighth grade have also been released.

Christ-Light for Sunday Schools, Years 1 and 2 have been released. Click here for more information.

Download a 2014 ChristLight Lutheran Elementary School Order Form.
Download a 2014 ChristLight Sunday School Order Form.
Download FREE lead sheets for all 61 songs on Memory Treasures Passages CD.

Dear Christian Friend Curriculum

Did you know that these Christ-Light resources are also available for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities? Click here to learn about the "Dear Christian Friend" curriculum from Jesus Cares Ministries.

ChristLight Presentation

NPH has created presentations for our customers to help you learn about the features and benefits of the upcoming revised Christ-Light materials. Click below to view a specific presentation in your browser:

Bible translation and the revised Christ-Light religion curriculum

The NIV Bibles you have been using in your classrooms will soon be unavailable. The major revision of the New International Version (NIV 2011) has been published and is replacing the existing NIV (1984), used in most WELS classrooms, in all its different styles and formats.

Click here for information about the progress of the WELS Translation Evaluation Committee and other important resources as we look forward to an answer to the translation question.

During the latest WELS convention, our synod resolved to take an eclectic approach to Bible translations. This discussion, which originally centered on which translation would replace the NIV 1984 in our synodical publications, was beneficial in many ways. Although NPH had to delay the publication of the revised Christ-Light curriculum while awaiting this decision, the additional time let us focus our attention on the Sunday school module and release it a year ahead of the LES material.

Now, by the grace of God, the first set of revised Lutheran elementary school resources has also been released. As with the Sunday school curriculum, these materials are compatible with any translation.

Biblical Figures for Interactive Whiteboards

127 biblical figures in JPEG format, including people, animals, plants, objects, and four background scenes from Old and New Testament Bible stories, suitable for general projection.
Click here to order.



Christ-Light Sample Lessons

CHECK OUT THE NEW LOOK! Most sets have been completed and are awaiting decisions affected by the translation issue. You’ll see the biggest change in the Teacher Guide samples, but take a look at all of them and see where we’re headed. You might also notice that the C lessons of the first Christ-Light are now included as copymaster material at the appropriate levels.




Strong Roots for Tender Shoots (cradle roll) samples
To meet the needs of today's parents and Jesus' little lambs, NPH is revising the cradle roll materials with four-color Tips & Truths parenting tracts and accompanying music and parent study CDs. The Music CD includes both vocal and accompaniment only versions of twelve songs. The songs have words and melodies written for young listeners.
Print Sample
Music CD (*indicates audio sample available)
Prebirth Tips and Truths Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
I Am Jesus' Little Lamb
Little Bitty Me*
Jesus Has a Little Helper*
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
Away in a Manger
I Can't See Jesus
Jesus Was Once a Little Child
Happy Birthday, Jesus!*
Clap Your Hands and Sing*
Jesus Rose for Me*
Do You Know Who Died for Me?

Christ-Light Sample Music

The Christ-Light music is available on two types of CDs: the Teaching CDs contain both vocal and accompaniment tracks, while the Take-Along CDs contain only vocal tracks.
These items are suited for Christ-Light old and new--for many years of use!

Memory Treasures: Hymns samples
Sheet Music Sample
Audio Samples
Lead sheets (sheet music) for Memory Treasures: Hymns Savior of the Nations, Come
Glory Be to Jesus
Great God, What Do I See and Hear?
Jesus Sinners Does Receive
Abide, O Dearest Jesus
Love in Christ is Strong and Living
O, Blest the House

Partner this product with Memory Treasures: Devotions. Play each devotion's memory treasure passage set to music, and have the children sing along.
Sheet Music
Audio Samples
Download FREE lead sheets for all 61 songs on this CD. Gen 39:9b How then…
Job 19:25 I know that…
Psalm 118:1 Give thanks…
Psalm 139:14 I praise you…
Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the…
Isaiah 43:11 I, even I, am the…
Matthew 7:7 Ask and it…
Luke 18:13b God, have mercy…
Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed…
Romans 3:24 All are justified…
Ephesians 6:1 Children, obey…
1 Peter 5:8 Be self-controlled and alert…

PreKindergarten-Kindergarten Songs samples
Sheet Music Sample
Audio Samples
Lead sheets (sheet music) for PreK-K Float, Little Boat
God Made All Things
Let's Praise the Power of Jesus' Name
The Right Tool


Grades 1-2 Songs samples  
Sheet Music Sample
Audio Samples
Lead sheets (sheet music) for Grades 1-2 Dearest Jesus
Sing Hosannas
We're a Mighty Crew
When I Get to Heaven


Grades 3-4 Songs samples  
Sheet Music Sample
Audio Samples
Lead sheets (sheet music) for Grades 3-4 Books of the OT
I Believe, I Do Believe
Surely I Will Be With You
We're Goin' Fishin'
Whose Report Shall You Belive


Christ-Light Sample Teaching Pictures

These items are suited for Christ-Light old and new--for many years of use!

Grades Prek-K
Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
OT Pictures OT Pictures OT Pictures
NT Pictures NT Pictures NT Pictures

Christ-Light Devotion Samples

These items are suited for Christ-Light old and new--for many years of use!

Partner Memory Treasures Devotions with Memory Treasures: Passages. Play each devotion's memory treasure passage set to music, and have the children sing along.


Christ-Light Memory Treasures Samples

Each level has its own CD with passages in various translations, catechism parts, and hymns to match the memory treasures suggestions in the curriculum.

Christ-Light Memory Treasures Samples (for Sunday Schools)
Grades Prek-K
Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
Grades 5-6
NIV 2011, Year 1, Fall NIV 2011, Year 1, Fall NIV 2011, Year 1, Fall NIV 2011, Year 1, Fall

Christ-Light Leader's Resource Samples

Christ-Light Leader's Source Sample (for Sunday Schools)
Christ-Light Leader's Source Sample (for LES)

Latest Information

Click below to read various articles about the progress of the revision written by members of our Christ-Light team.

Latest Information
Fall, 2014 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Christ-Light In Action (PDF) Inside Journal
Spring, 2014 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Sunday School Year 2 and LES NT Available (PDF) Inside Journal
Winter, 2014 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Sunday School Highlights (PDF) Inside Journal
Fall, 2013 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Christ-Light for LES Coming! (PDF) Inside Journal
April, 2013 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Sunday School Available (PDF) Inside Journal
April, 2013 "Christ-Light Sunday School Update" (PDF) Forward in Christ
Winter, 2013 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Technology Survey (PDF) Inside Journal
Fall, 2012 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Translation Decisions (PDF) Inside Journal
Spring, 2012 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Sunday School Update (PDF) Inside Journal
Winter, 2012 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Opportunities (PDF) Inside Journal
Fall, 2011 "Christ-Light 2 Update" - Translation Issue (PDF) Inside Journal
Spring, 2011 "Christ-Light 2 Update - Teaching Pictures" (PDF) Inside Journal
Winter, 2011 "Christ-Light 2 Update" (PDF) Inside Journal
Fall, 2010 "Christ-Light 2 Update" (PDF) Inside Journal
Spring, 2010 "Christ-Light 2 Update" (PDF) Inside Journal
Winter, 2010 "The Christ-Light 2 Horizon" (PDF) Inside Journal
Fall, 2009 "Christ-Light 2 Update" (PDF) Inside Journal
Spring, 2009 "Christ-Light 2 Update/Web site" (PDF) Inside Journal
Winter, 2009 "Christ-Light 2 Update: Focus on Grades 7-8" (PDF) Inside Journal
Fall, 2008 "Christ-Light Revision Update" (PDF) Inside Journal
October, 2008 "Updated curriculum to help students" Forward in Christ
Spring, 2008 "Christ-Light 2 Curriculum Update" (PDF) Inside Journal
Spring, 2007 "Christ-Light 2 Field Test 2006" (PDF) Inside Journal
Fall, 2004 "Keeping Curriculum Current" (PDF) Inside Journal
Winter, 2004 "Christ-Light. . .The Next Generation?" (PDF) Inside Journal
Winter, 2003 "Christ-Light. . .The Next Generation" (PDF) Inside Journal

What Others are Saying

Below are some early comments about Christ-Light 2 from pastoral doctrinal reviewers:

"Wow! What a major project!
Well done! Thanks to all who contributed!
Throughout there is a clear simple presentation of beautiful Bible stories.

  • Clear presentation of law and gospel
  • Gospel motivation is clearly seen
  • Jesus the Savior, our Savior, is evident throughout
  • Excellent ideas in ’Parents and Kids" section to help parents apply the main point of the lesson to their child."

Market Research

An outside research firm conducted extensive market research to help NPH learn about WELS attitude, usage, and development of the original Christ-Light. This data provided the NPH curriculum team with a solid foundation for the decisions that were made about the Christ-Light revision.

Click below to download the various reports.

Focus group, qualitative report (PDF)

Written, quantitive survey report (PDF)

Christ-Light Technology Survey

In the fall of 2012, NPH, in consultation with Bret Goodman Marketing of Mequon, WI, conducted research with WELS and ELS teachers to determine the usage of technology in their schools. Click here to read the full survey report. If you have questions about the report e-mail Christ-Light editor, Ray Schumacher or Marketing Director, Mark Buske.

Field Testing

Early in the planning process, field testing was done to help the Christ-Light team refine its thinking about the curriculum revision. Click here to see a summary of the field-test results.

Field Test Comments by Grade Level (MS Word doc)

Field Test Summary (MS Word doc)

Click below to see the sample lessons that went out to those who participated in the field test.

Field Testing Sample Lessons
Grades Prek-K
Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
Grades 5-6
Grades 7-8
Copy Master Copy Master Copy Master Copy Master Copy Master
Student Lesson Student Lesson Student Lesson Student Lesson Student Lesson
Teacher Guide Teacher Guide Teacher Guide Teacher Guide Teacher Guide


Questions or comments?

E-mail Christ-Light Editor, Ray Schumacher














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