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Women Of The Bible-Visual Guide 15-4609 9781602606500

Women Of The Bible-Visual Guide 15-4609 9781602606500

Women Of The Bible-Visual Guide

This fully illustrated reference brings the often mysterious world of Bible women into clearer focus for 21st century readers. How did these women survive--and move ahead--in their male dominated societies? What issues did they have in common with women of today? Why was Jesus' treatment of women so unusual for His time and culture?
In clear, readable text, you will learn more about biblical women's.... Roles & Jobs, Daily Experiences, Interactions With Men, Relationships with other Women, Health & Beauty Concerns, and Childbearing, Marriage, Aging Issues & More.
Complete with lists of all the named and most of the unnamed women of the Bible, this book provides insight into the achievements--both positive and negative--of females from the dawn of time to the first century of the Christian church. It's a fascinating glimpse into a world very different from, yet in many ways similar to, ours today.
Softcover, Page 288, Size 6x8.5 inches. Religion/Biblical Studies/History & Culture.

Catalog Item Number: OL-154609

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