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Franzmann Bible History Commentary 35N0114 ES350114 ES35N0114

Franzmann Bible History Commentary 35N0114 ES350114 ES35N0114

Franzmann Bible History Commentary

Old and New Testaments

Series: NPH Electronic Library
Author: Werner H. Franzmann

The printed Franzmann Bible History Commentary: Old and New Testaments (Old Testament, 15N2780; New Testament 15N3057) is now in Logos Bible Software format. This software clarifies Scripture's historical accounts, explains difficult Bible passages, offers essential background on the information on the text(s) being studied, warns about misapplication of biblical narratives, and emphasizes the importance and centrality of the gospel.
Charts, illustrations and and maps are included, along with a Hebrew calendar, indices of proper names and Scripture references and an explanation of biblical chronology. Advanced functions allow for a variety of text searches and even text exporting to any word-processing program.
This product is part of the NPH Electronic Library, which is driven by Logos Bible Software. Logos Bible software is full of features that make your Bible study easier and more rewarding, including add-in modules that provide specialized functionality, and collections of books targeted to your needs. Each electronic book displays onscreen text in a format similar to the original printed version and is compatible with all Logos Bible Software resources.
Published 2007.
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