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 :  Gory Deaths

Gory Deaths 16-06065 9780758654588

Gory Deaths 16-06065 9780758654588

Gory Deaths

Not-So-Nice Bible Stories

Author: Jonathan Schkade

Drowned. Burned. Hanged. Crushed. Stabbed. Eaten by dogs.
This is not a book of fairy tales. Happy endings are few and far-between. This is a book of history - true tales of people who lived and died long ago.
These 18 chapters give you cool trivia, factoids, and things to think about, like

Why the story is in the Bible
How it can guide your life
What it shows you about Jesus
These TRUE stories show how God?s justice smashes the sinful, the sinister, the sneaky; and they show how Jesus conquers death and gives you life.

Softcover.191 pages.

Catalog Item Number: OL-1606065

Price: $ 14.99


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