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Heaven And Hell 15N0620 9780810019782 AA150620 AA15N0620

Heaven And Hell 15N0620 9780810019782 AA150620 AA15N0620

Heaven And Hell

Eternal Life, Eternal Punishment

Series: People's Bible Teachings
Author: Brian R. Keller

This book from the People's Bible Teachings series, looks at the main doctrinal teachings of the Bible, Heaven and Hell, and searches Scripture to show what God has revealed about physical death, eternal judgment, and the only two possible destinations after death -- heaven and hell. Author Brian R. Keller explains that because of sin everyone must die and then face God's eternal judgment, which means eternal life for believers and eternal punishment for unbelievers. Keller assures Christians that they need not fear death or God's judgment because of Jesus' sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. To believers, death is merely a sleep. This book, written in easy-to-understand language, includes the following chapters: Death Defined, Moment of Death and Near-Death Experiences, The Bible's Description of the Suffering of Hell, Hell is Real, The Bible's Description of the Eternal Joys of Heaven, and Heaven: Before and After Judgment Day.
Includes common topical questions with answers, Scripture and subject indices, and endnotes. 12 chapters. Size, 5.5" x 8.5". Papercover. 218 pages. Published 2007. This product is eligible for quantity discounts.

Catalog Item Number: OL-150620

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