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Inside The Reformation 15-4658 9780758631206

Inside The Reformation 15-4658 9780758631206

Inside The Reformation

The times that changed the world....get the inside story of the Reformation....
The People: You may have heard of Martin Luther, but who were the other people of the Reformation? How did people live in the sixteenth century? What did they do for fun? What was school like? You'll learn all about the people and everyday life in this book.
The Idea: How could one man's writings change the history of the world? What inventions helped make the Reformation possible? This book shows you some of these amazing ideas and inventions that helped shape the world we know today.
The Events: The Reformation was more than just Martin Luther posting his Ninety-five Theses. This book shows you the many events that changed the course of history.
Hardcover. Pages: 72. Size: 8.5x11 inches.

Catalog Item Number: OL-154658

Price: $ 16.99


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