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Encourage Lifelong, Faithful Stewardship

Order your Weekly Offering Envelopes

Northwestern Publishing House is your low-cost provider of offering envelopes that encourage lifelong, faithful stewardship. Choose from a wide variety of bulk offering envelopes and custom boxed sets to fit your ministry and budget needs. Order now and we will delay billing until your order is shipped. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed.

Bulk Offering Envelopes

Whether blank or customized with artwork, logo, or text, Bulk Offering Envelopes provide an economical option for churches to encourage weekly giving or giving for special events like fundraisers and anniversaries.

Boxed Offering Envelope Sets

Boxed Offering Envelope Sets provide every member with a weekly reminder of their offering commitment. With customizable options, churches can create truly unique offering opportunities for their members.

Additional Envelope Options

Additional envelope options include Special Occasion Envelopes, Free Agency Envelopes, Pew Envelopes, and Children’s Envelopes. These easy to order options help raise awareness of opportunities for church members to share their blessings.

Blank Bulk Offering Envelopes ▾

This simple and economical option provides your church with quality envelopes for a low cost.

  • Envelopes available in a variety of colors
    White Buff Green Pink Canary Blue
  • No printing included (printing available on Custom Bulk Offering Envelopes)
  • Dollar/check size envelopes: 6 ¼” × 3 ⅛”
  • Sold in boxes of 1,500

Custom Bulk Offering Envelopes ▾

Customizable with your artwork, logo, and text, this economical choice offers churches quality dollar/check-size envelopes that can be used indefinitely. Perfect for custom pew envelopes or for celebrating special occasions, fundraisers, and anniversaries.

Basic Set Features
  • Customizable with your artwork, logo, and/or text, or choose from any of our available designs
  • Print on either or both sides
  • Available envelope colors: white, buff, green, pink, canary, blue

Stock Boxed Offering Envelope Sets ▾

Perfect for smaller congregations on a budget, these boxed envelopes are preprinted with a message that encourages giving and are perpetually dated. An economical option for high-quality envelopes.

  • Pre-printed with messages that encourage giving
  • 52 consecutively numbered envelopes (specific numbering not available)
  • Perpetually dated (Jan. 1st Sunday)
  • Available for immediate shipment
  • Perfect for congregations on a budget
  • White with “My Offering for the Work of My Church” on the front
  • Special occasion envelopes are not available with this set.

Customized Boxed Offering Envelope Sets ▾

Customizable with a logo or line drawing of your church, and highlighted with a colored border these boxed envelope sets offer an affordable custom option. Special occasion envelopes are available at an additional cost. Create a truly unique set of offering envelopes for the members of your congregation with our Customized Boxed Sets.

  • 52 envelopes, one for each Sunday of the year
  • Dollar/check size envelopes: 6 ¼” × 3 ⅛”
  • Customize with church logo, line drawing, and/or church name
  • Various dating options available
  • Available weekly envelope colors: white, buff, green, pink, canary, blue
  • Include Agency Envelopes, which benefit one of our ministry partnerships
  • Minimum order: 25 sets
  • No payment until your order ships
Additional Options (Extra Cost)
  • Warehouse holding—we’ll hold your order until you need it shipped ($10)
  • Include the Initial Offering Envelope to help offset cost
  • Insert 1- or 2-color special occasion envelopes (View 2-color collection)
  • Add the Messaging Series (Scripture added to the back).

Free Agency Envelopes ▾

Offering Envelope Set customers have the option of receiving Free Agency Envelopes. These envelopes allow church members support ministry partnerships.

  • Choose from more than 15 potential ministry partners
  • Dollar/check size envelopes: 6 ¼” × 3 ⅛”
  • Available for immediate shipment or can be inserted into your customized boxed set

For a list of available agency envelopes, click here.


Special Occasion Envelopes ▾

Preprinted special occasion envelopes include colorful designs that communicate special offering opportunities throughout the year.

  • Choose from more than 40 special occasion designs
  • Dollar/check size envelopes: 6 ¼” × 3 ⅛”
  • Available for immediate shipment or can be inserted into your custom boxed set

Pew Envelopes ▾

Welcome visitors and make it easy for them to share their contact information and contribute with these affordable, beautifully designed pew envelopes.

  • Welcome message displays when in pew
  • Butterfly or sunrise designs
  • Dollar/check size envelopes: 6 ¼” × 3 ⅛”
  • Sold in boxes of 500

Children's Envelopes▾

My Offering for Jesus envelopes nurture lifelong stewardship habits. Ideal for church and school, these children's envelopes include space for name and amount along with the Bible verse: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

“My Offering to Jesus”
  • Preprinted box set
  • 52 numbered envelopes
  • Dated with 1st through 4th Sundays of each month
  • All 5th Sundays are inserted in back of the box


For any questions regarding the Offering Envelope Service, please customer service at orders@nph.wels.net
or call us at 1-800-662-6022 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM central time, weekdays.